Friday, 17 July 2015

Why Choose Free Forex Funds

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Why Choose Free Forex Funds

Several reasons!
If you have just discovered Forex with Friends, why choose free Forex funds are the easiest way to test whether this loan company is worth. You don't believe we give loans? Sign up for a free account and take the free Forex funds. Simple Online Loans.

Why Choose Free Forex Funds

Why traders choose free forex funds with friends is a loan platform that benefits new and existing Forex traders by providing them with short term unsecured loans. You only need to register for FREE account before applying for an instant loan. The money is sent through PayPal or Skrill. Apart from the loans, there are other benefits of joining the platform. For instance, you can join our affiliate program for a chance to earn when you invite your friends to join the platform – the affiliate program is an optional premium service and does not influence your ability to get loans. 

After registration, you will also need to join one of the forex companies we suggest and deposit an amount between $50 and $500. Your first loan will be half of whatever amount you deposit with the forex broker (we have introduced this step to keep off borrowers who have no intention of trading forex.

Membership Options
Free Account: This is the mandatory membership that everyone must have before applying for a loan. You just need to visit the registration page and provide your personal details to get this membership. If you are not a member yet, please register here

Affiliate: Would you like to be paid to promote You will need an affiliate account to do that. Marketing is a very difficult job that requires dedication and patience. It also works best if one is ready to learn new things. This therefore means that not everyone can qualify for this membership. An affiliate account will cost you $250 and you will earn $10 for every person you refer to join our platform and who borrows a loan.
This is real money, which you can trade with; withdraw profits and even the capital if you no longer want to trade.

Important Steps
Step 1: Registration at Forex with Friends
You need to register for an account. This is very simple; just enter your personal details in the registration form and upload your photo. Make sure your details are accurate because you will not be able to change them later. You might also need to pay for the registration if you choose affiliate membership.

Step 2: Registering for an account with the Forex broker
You need to have an account with one of the Forex companies we use so that we can check your trading. Deposit any amount between $50 and $500 to determine the loan amount that you will borrow the first time from our platform (half of the initial deposit amount).

Step 3: Loan application
You can apply for your first loan 15 -21 days from the time you make the deposit. We will check how many trades you have made within that period and the profit/loss you have incurred. Ideally, you should have made at least 5 trades within that period (i.e. you have opened and closed 5 positions of whatever currency, commodity or stock you choose). You just need to fill this form to get your loan.

Step 4: Loan repayment
The loan has a 3-month repayment period, but you do not have to wait that long to repay. Visit this page to pay your loan
Also, you can top up your loan whenever you repay 50% of the amount you have borrowed.

How Loan Top Ups Work
When you borrow a loan, you have to repay it in full before you can apply for a fresh loan. However, here at Forex with friends, we offer you a chance to apply for another loan before you finish paying the first loan. We call that option a 'Loan Top Up'
When you borrow a loan, just pay half of the initial amount you borrowed then apply for a fresh loan.
Example: If you borrowed $200, just pay $100 then apply for a fresh loan of $200.

Why We Offer Loan Top Ups
We realize that waiting until the day you clear your entire loan might take a long time. This is actually what leads to most cases of default – the goal is just too far away. We have therefore chosen to keep topping up your loan whenever you clear 50% of the borrowed amount. This accomplishes two important things:
  • You get a chance to borrow more
  • We reduce the cases of loan defaulters  

Why Choose Free Forex Funds