Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Share More and Get Profitable with Traffic Exchange

Link to partner sites and get more traffic volumes by the day – with innovative traffic exchange tactics. Sharing can be profitable after all!

 Creating WEALTH with Traffic Exchange

The amount of traffic your site receives will determine the volume of sales your site makes. This is especially important if you are a small startup that wishes to make its presence felt. Through traffic exchange you can achieve dramatic increases in the number of visitors to your site.

How does it work?
Traffic exchange works on the same principle as link exchange, except that here you are corresponding with other sites to gain traffic. The idea revolves around a simple concept – you share and receive traffic from other websites. Thus within the same network, visitors can check out information from your site as well as the site who is a part of the traffic exchange program with you.

Why it really works
One reason why traffic exchange has stood the test of time is because of the fact that it is free. Yes, today there are hordes of sites that are willing to exchange traffic with your site for absolutely no cost. Best of all you can achieve thousands of hits per day through such traffic exchange programs.

The newer exchange programs
There are the free sites and then there are the paid ones. While the obvious choice would be to opt for the free traffic exchange programs, it really isn’t the smartest thing to do. Usually choosing such services will result in hordes of traffic - but who do nothing. So what that means is you will get plenty of clicks on your site but hardly any sales. This is why paid traffic exchange programs work better. They are far more targeted, get you traffic that’s already interested in your products and thus you get to increase sales. 

Nowadays you can even buy clicks for a fraction of the cost and also get cash in lieu of the credits earned.

Promotions and credits
With some of the more recent traffic exchange programs you can now even send in your website promotions and ads into the network while hunting for other sites in the program. Your site gets to earn credits while you keep yourself occupied with games and other amusements.

Backlinks and popularity
The good thing about traffic exchange programs is their ability to get you plenty of back links to your website. As your reciprocal sites gain in popularity, your site too gets more visibility and prominence online. This results in better search engine page rankings, as well as more clicks to your site. What’s more, you also get to place your site better in the free search engine listings.

Trial and error
Just like any other marketing tool, traffic exchange programs too have their share of scams. Therefore, key to success is entirely through trial and error. Some exchange programs have proven to be very effective in terms of sales conversions while others have been a waste of time for many businesses. You can analyze which works for you through patience and monitoring the performance.