Thursday, 9 March 2017

4 Ways To Improve Free Network Marketing Leads

Are you in desperate need of qualified network marketing leads, but on a tight budget? Forget the nonsense you heard about buying leads or spending a ton of money to generate home business leads for your mlm business. Here are at least 4 proven and simple methods to generate leads all for your favourite 4 letter word, FREE.

4 Ways To Improve Free Network Marketing Leads

As a home based business owner, you know that good network marketing leads are key to you mlm success. The issue is that most network marketers are part-time in the industry and don't have a whole lot of cash to start off with. You shouldn't be discouraged by that since you don't need a huge budget to be successful in network marketing. There are many techniques that you can use to generate free network marketing leads at a much better quality than leads that are bought.

I'm gonna share with you 4 sure fire ways to generate network marketing leads for your mlm home based business.

1. Forums - Find a couple of active discussion forums, sign up and get involved. Two fantastic forums for network marketers are the Warrior Forum and the forum at Better Networker. You can also use Google to find forums. Just type in your niche followed by a plus sign and the word forums. Be sure that any forum you sign up in permits you to post a signature file as well. This is the main reason for joining forums. A signature file is attached to every post you make and it includes your name and a link back to your blog, capture page, website, etc.

2. Blog comments - You want to comment on active blogs that have a high readership and low alexa ranking. Most blogs allow you to leave comments with a picture and a link back to your blog as well, which creates backlinks for you. Backlinks create higher search engine traffic which in turn creates leads. You'll also be able to connect with other marketers by the quality of comment you leave. So, be sure you're adding value to the blog because it reflects on you.

3. Article Marketing - Article marketing is simply writing brief quality articles and placing them in directories like Articles Factory. Doing this gives the directories the permission to publish your articles all over the internet. How can this help you get network marketing leads? Because your article contains something called an author box, or a bio-box. This is the area where you lead readers back to your blog, capture page, affiliate link, etc. This is long-term strategy that will definitely bring you traffic and money if you are consistent. Article marketing is a type of traffic generator that even if you wanted to stop the traffic flow, you couldn't. This is my favourite strategy to generate quality network marketing leads.

4. Social Media - Twitter and Facebook can get you lots of exposure. It is a way for you to get your brand out there and build your list. You can create groups, start fan pages, interact in tribes, etc. Recognize that this helps you to get mini-lists of people that you now can market to and prospect for your company. Much of this activity can also be automated to leverage your time.

Now how's that for generating network marketing leads?

But that's not all to it...

As you can see, you must point these leads somewhere and if you don't have a solid network marketing business plan in place to convert these leads, you have just lost a ton of precious leads that might have led to sign-ups in your mlm home based business and/or nice affiliate commissions from product sales. Your possibilities are limitless with the right system in place.

There are countless network marketing leads that can be captured by means of these easy techniques and a fail-proof system.